Rhea "Skip" Taylor, Fayette County Mayor      

Fayette County Library

Director: Laura Winfrey
Address: 216 W. Market St.
Somerville, TN 38068
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Phone: 901-465-5248
Fax: 901-465-5271

Hours: Monday – Wednesday, Friday & Saturday:   9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Thursday:  Noon to 8:00 p.m.

Sunday:    Closed

Employees: Kecia Reid
Mary Anne Tomlinson, Children’s Librarian (Part-Time)
Marquitta M. White

Board: Library Board

The Somerville-Fayette County Library is a full-service, government funded facility open to all Fayette County residents.

The institution offers reference and research as well as current, popular materials for both adults and children in print and audio-visual formats. Books not in our collection can be procured through Inter-library loan.

There is a large staff-assisted genealogy department which includes all county records, old newspapers, civil war enlistments, diaries, and family Bible records.

The library provides free internet access, story hours, summer reading activities for children, and a community room available for use by non-profit organizations.

Through grants from the Greater Memphis Arts Council, programs by professional artists have been provided to all the schools in the county.


-Circulate books.

-Maintain book collection to keep it current and pertinent.

-Assist with research or book searches.

-Assist with genealogical research.
-Respond to out-of-state genealogical requests.

-Provide books not in collection through Inter-Library loan.

-Maintain genealogy collection and assist with research.

-Conduct Story Hours in library or at schools, or day cares.

-Procure grants from Greater Memphis Arts Council to provide professional productions in all county public and private schools.

-Participate in state-wide Summer Reading Program for younger patrons.

-Provide weekly Story Hours during summer.

-Apply for administer grants for additional funding for special projects.

-Maintain Community Room for use by non-profit organizations.

-Offer Internet access and assistance.

-Provide fax service.

-Have copier for public use.