Rhea "Skip" Taylor, Fayette County Mayor      


Department Dept Head / Contact Phone Fax
Agriculture Extension Services Jeff Via 465-5233 465-1757
Ambulance Dept. Sam McKnight 465-2755 465-7725
Airport David Booth 466-7007 466-7011
Assessor/Property Mark Ward 465-5226 465-5209
Board of Education   465-5260 465-2181
Board of Education   465-5237 465-5269
Chancery Court Clerk & Master Vip Lewis 465-5219 465-5217
Circuit Court Clerk Ed Pulliam 465-5205 465-5215
County Court Clerk Sue Culver 465-5213 465-5293
Development Office Jaclyn Smalley
Stephanie James
465-5250 465-5259
Development Office Brad Halbrook 465-5250 465-5259
Planning Office John Pitner 465-5280 465-5259
Election Commission Warren C. Adams, Jr. 465-5223 465-5238
Emergency Management Glenn Miller 465-5239 465-5242
Fire Department Jerry Crawford 466-7130 466-7131
General Sessions Court Clerk Ed Pulliam 465-5205 465-5215
Health Department   465-5243 465-5245
Judge Jim Gallagher 465-5210  
  Kim Hoard 465-5216  
Drug Court Coordinator Daniel Brown 465-5210  
Youth Services Officer Dana Howcroft 465-5285  
Library Laura Winfrey 465-5248 465-5271
Mayor's Office Rhea "Skip" Taylor 465-5202 465-5229
Public Works Jim Smith 465-5222 465-9105
Register Sissy Dowdle 465-5251 465-5279
Sheriff Bobby Riles 465-3456 465-5299
Sheriff's Garage Kelley Green
Kevin Glover
Soil Conservation Paula Gould, Sonny Jewell 465-2631
 ext. 118
Solid Waste Charles Traylor 465-5230 465-6776
Trustee Barbra Parker 465-5224 465-5241
Veteran's Service Retha LeBlanc 465-5256  
              Misc Information:      
911   466-3960  
County Attorney Rick Rosser 465-5624  
Chamber of Commerce/County   465-8690  
Chamber of Commerce/Oakland   466-0286  
Delta Human Resources   465-7334  
District Attorney Mike Dunavant 465-7351  
Driver's License Station
200 N. Harris, Whiteville, TN 731/254-2253  
Driver's License Station
Forestry (Burn Permits) Mac Watson 465-7349  
Obituaries Peebles Funeral Home 465-3535  
Social Security Office   866-320-2591  
Somerville City Hall City Mayor 465-7300  
Somerville Police   465-3205  
Somerville Unemployment Office   465-7347  
State Representative Ron Gant 615/741-6890  
State Senator Dolores Gresham
Nashville Office
  Gresham Somerville Office 465-9433 465-6330
Attorney General John Mark Windle 615/741-1260  
Governor Bill Haslam 615/741-2001  
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